Where are we now? – 29 Months

Happy Spring!
So what’s going on in the land of “Nursies”??

Here’s what a ‘day in the life’ looks like right now.


So every mommy blog is just not a mommy blog unless it has a sleep post right? So here you have it- my sleep solutions post.

Our Lip Tie/ Tongue Tie Story

As our story goes, in our early stages of breast feeding something just wasn’t right.  As we started to try and get the hang of things I realized she was not able to empty my breast.  She was gaining fine and her latch seemed fine, and continued to improve as her mouth grew, but as it turned out, she had a lip and tongue tie, class 2.5.  If caught early, this can be a little bit of a setback, but nothing you and your little can’t handle.

Now That’s Hilarious

10 Hilarious things about breastfeeding: 1. Milk Face There will be a time when your milk is flowing and for whatever reason they decide to unlatch and by consequence get a face full of milk.  It’s in the eye, it’s in their nose, in their hair.. just everywhere, and it will be the cutest funniest…

Let’s Talk Fashion!

I have never used a cover.  Maddy would hate it.  Plus, it’s just a pain and another thing to carry around.  For me, the fact that I can literally leave the house with only a diaper and a wipe in hand (or not even since I have a stash that I keep in the car)…


For me, there were no diet restrictions that I had to adhere to to provide Maddy with breast milk.  I just drink a TON of water and keep my prenatal vitamins going. I didn’t tailor my diet for her, nor did I stay away from anything specific. Spicy foods? Bring them on.  Women around the…