Mamma’s HANGRY! My Go-To Snacks for Nursing Moms

It’s no secret that nursing moms are always starving!!

It’s almost worse than when we were pregnant, and in the middle of the night when we feel like having a five course meal.  Can we say, inconvenient?!

Here are some of my favorite quick snacks, aside from all the water, that will curb your appetite and help your supply at the same time! Did I mention water?


These are a great go-to snack and they are sooo good for you!  They will give you an energy boost and have the great fat that will help you keep going.  They have even been known to boost your milk supply -need I say more?!

Granola Bars

These are a great convenient snack that can be put in your night stand for that midnight snack needed to keep going when you’re waking for the millionth time to feed your new little one.  I personally loved Cliff Bars and Kind almond bars with dark chocolate.  These tend to be a little healthier than some too.


These little guys don’t last long in my house, and are such a healthy option for when we’re craving a sweet treat.  They’re also a great addition for your caddy that sits next to you on the couch while on maternity leave binge watching Netflix and nursing your little one nonstop (yup, been there. 😉 )

Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are another good snack to have when you have an itch to crunch something, and they beat out a chip any day.  They are great source of those extra few calories we need while nursing our little ones, and are jam-packed with vitamins to help you stay healthy and strong, while also passing all that goodness to your little nursling.  Add hummus for some added protein!

All the Water

Sorry if I forgot to mention this, but WATER.  Just stop drinking anything else, besides water, water, and more water (ok, well maybe coffee too, but you get my point).  I purchased a cup, well more like a jug, that was one liter and made sure I drank that twice throughout the day.  It may seem like a lot but you will thank me, I promise!  It will not only help you just feel awesome, but it will help your supply, help you stay hydrated, and help with your constipation right after you little one is born. TRUTH.

Here are some more ideas courtesy of a good ol’ google search-


I think it goes without saying, if you’re baby is having some intolerance to something, don’t eat it.  If you’re allergic to something, don’t eat it.  And as always, please read my disclaimer here

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