Let’s Talk Fashion!

I have never used a cover.  Maddy would hate it.  Plus, it’s just a pain and another thing to carry around.  For me, the fact that I can literally leave the house with only a diaper and a wipe in hand (or not even since I have a stash that I keep in the car) gives me a lot of pleasure and alleviates the pressure of the “do I have everything” thought before leaving the house.  Remembering my keys is half the battle, let’s be honest.

So for us, the peek-a-boo booby is how I like to do it most days.

This is super easy when you have nursing tanks.  I have one in every color and then some. Throw on a nursing tank underneath any shirt you already own and you have the ability to lift the top shirt while not exposing your belly.  Open the nursing tank booby opening and you’ll have a little opening for your boob to come out.  The nursing babe’s head covers your breast so there’s not really a lot to see from a bystander’s view.  If you wanted to be super sneaky, put on a cardigan to sort of cover your babe even more.

Don’t have nursing tanks? That’s fine!  There’s a pretty good chance that you still have some of those awesome leggings that go all the way up to heaven that covered your beloved bump.  Well if you wear those and then lift your shirt up to get the boob out you’re still not showing your belly.  Those things are still still my favorite things to wear around the house (or everywhere) and super comfy so don’t pack them away just yet (or ever actually).

If you want to get fancy, H&M has a lot of nursing tops that have the peek-a-boo affect just from simply innovative construction.

Just never ever use an underwire bra, or heck, go bra-less.  It’s a freeing feeling after you regulate and aren’t leaking anymore (around the 4-month mark).  And if you do use a bra use one that is loose fitting and can be moved completely away when breastfeeding.  These are my favorite.  For me these bras were the ones that only had a very light, single layer of fabric that went over my boob.  The less fabric the easier it is for it to be folded away from the breast when it’s time to feed.  It’s quicker too, and let’s face it, when you have a hungry babe you better get that thing out quick or there is hell to pay!

I found that the nursing sports bras that you simply move to the side would cause me to clog under my arm because they were tight there.  So I like the ones that have the clip and I can open them all the way and let us be free.  The goal is to not block any of the ducts which stretch up close to your neck and almost to your back under your arms.  Be careful of nursing tanks as well during the first 4 months and as messy as it is with leaky boobies, try and sleep with nothing on.  They will advertise “Sleeping nursing bra” but just be careful that it’s not too tight.  Even the slightest pressure around the ducts created a clog for me in the early days.  After I regulated around the 4th month, I have been able to wear pretty much anything, but the underwire bras still get me.

Image result for breastfeeding in public memes

No matter how you do it, just know that no one can tell you to stop breastfeeding.  It’s completely against the law.

A breastfeeding mother can breastfeed anywhere she is legally allowed to be.  So if you end up being the type that has a button down shirt that you like to unbutton all the way and let it it all hang out or the type that has the peek-a-boo affect with a cardigan over that and nursing top over that, be aware that you can do it.  Anywhere.  If someone tries to tell you, you can’t simply state, that, “It’s my right under the law to breastfeed anywhere I see fit.”  That you are protected under that law, and tell them to buzz off.

I am incredibly fortunate that I have never been shamed for breastfeeding.  BUT if I ever am (I hear it comes more with older babies, so I’m gearing up for it), I’m ready and the law is still there to protect me.

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