A Child’s Perspective

Convo w/ a 10yr old this past weekend as a fed my daughter:
10YO: Don’t you have to.. go somewhere?
Me: No, I can feed her where ever I want.
10YO: Well… Don’t you have to like.. cover yourself?
Me: Not if I don’t want to. Plus, her head covers most of my boob.
10YO, looking perplexed at first, then the light bulb: Oh yea!
She continued to follow me as I went to sit in a camping chair by the water.
She looked on as my LO latched. She watched with inquisitive eyes, not at all bashfully, and continued to ask questions.
Does it hurt?
Not at all
Does it feel weird?
When you first did it was it like.. (making a somewhat disgusted face) weird?
It was amazing!
I continued on and explained our first breastfeeding experience. I explained how she was on me for about 2hrs without any intervention, and how she latched on her own. I explained some of the awesome things about breastfeeding, like how I create antibodies if she’s sick, how I create the exact amount for her when she asked if I could overfeed her. I tried my best to remember every little thing about why it’s so wonderful.
Kids are amazing and, if allowed, can understand and know the true reason the breast exists. If only for a moment, I think I helped this adorable 10YO see past all the Victoria Secrets models and society’s new image of the breast and help her appreciate it and see it for what it’s truly meant for.
The conversation started with a little girl’s perplexed, disgusted look on her face as I looked for a comfy chair, and ended with an adoring gaze as my LO finished her meal.
I felt truly honored that she chose me to be her teacher in that moment, and I think I might have just changed her way of thinking. And I think that’s pretty cool.

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