Where are we now? – 23 Months

So after my scare with mastitis a couple of months ago my little girl has been up and down and then back up again as far as the frequency in which she nurses.

She went from not finishing her boob full of milk to wanting it to make more and getting frustrated at the emptiness. So much so that her powerful nursing to get every last drop left me with a split the size of the Grand Canyon on my nipple. After a couple days my body is producing more and she is satisfied. I know she’ll slow down again so I’m very cautious and massage my breasts at the end of the day to ensure no lumps are hiding.

One minute I think she’s weaning and the next I feel like she’s a cluster feeding newborn again.  For now, she is emptying me completely and my supply is adhering to her needs.

I know this will change again but I’m not trying to keep up or settle into her ways because it will only frustrate me.

We as moms think we should have the ability to figure our babies out. Master their every move and know their next. But I’m here to tell you not to worry about the big picture. Don’t feel like a failure when you’re utterly confused when your little babe does a 180 from yesterday and you’re at a loss.

Nursing is not a riddle we need to solve. 

I tell you to simply take each day as it comes and don’t expect a phase to last. Expect each day to be unique because at this stage they’re just that.  They open their bright little inquisitive eyes to a new world each day as their minds develop at lightning speeds, so we should not expect the same baby with the same needs each day.

Day by day, one feeding at a time. Don’t worry about anything else. Not what they did yesterday and not what you’re expecting them to do tomorrow. Just concentrate on right now.

Live in the moments and master that one moment, nothing else matters.  So stop making it matter too much.

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  1. Valerie says:

    “Just concentrate on right now.” – YEEESSS. Great reminder and great post. 😀

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