Bad Day

Never quit on a bad day.

Instead, do these two things first.

1. Gain Support

If there is something wrong, seek help first, always.  Get advice from your support groups.  There is always someone that has been in your shoes and been through exactly what you are going through.  Us moms are always willing to help and just lend a listening ear and offer ourselves for you to lean on.  Be it through your local Facebook support group online or your local La Leche League, support can be the difference between continuing on or not.  And of course see an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  The beauty of the support groups in person at your local hospital or La Leche League is that there is almost always a IBCLC there leading the meetings and willing to stay after to help moms one on one.

2. Wait

After you have your support in place and are following the guidelines of that support, give yourself and your baby time to let it work.  Usually you can come out the other side triumphant.

Never quit on a bad day, because chances are, a good day – a magical day, is just on the horizon.

Want to seek help? Click here!


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