Tip of the Day – Preventing Clogs

Feeling a little hard in a spot on your breast?  Feel like you might have a clog coming on?

Nurse your babe with their chin pointing to the clog.  It will assist in loosening the clog, or wanna-be-clog before it becomes a clog.  The direction in which their chin points is where they have the most sucking power.

It’s also best practice to rotate your baby each time you nurse.  By using different positions you will empty out your breast more evenly through out the day.

Side note – It’s believed by many psychologists that it promotes development to be held, and moreover, to be held in different positions.  Because of this, among other reasons, babies that are breastfed are believed to develop at a faster rate then their bottle fed peers.  This is because some babies will be put down to drink their bottle and have it be propped up on a pillow.  Breastfeeding forces the mother to hold their babies more often which is essential to the development of a newborn.

In addition, breastfed babies are held in different positions when on the right breast verses on the left breast.  This variety in their world view also promotes brain development.  By being in different positions throughout the feed it is allowing the baby to use the left side of the brain verses the right side of the brain depending on what position they are in when breastfeeding.  This is why, bottle feeding mothers are encouraged to always hold their babies while feeding and to change positions throughout the feed.

There.  That’s something you know now. 🙂

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