Nursing to Sleep

We’re made for it, we’re good at it,and our babes love it.  So I don’t buy the whole, “you’re spoiling them if you breastfeed them to sleep” idea.

The fact is, breastfeeding is actually meant to relax our babe and ourselves!  If you ever notice a wave come over you as you’re nursing that feels like you could just fall asleep right there in the arm chair, that’s not an accident.  It’s actually a hormone that comes over baby and mother at the same time.  The “love” hormone is Oxycontin.  It’s produced during childbirth and breastfeeding as well as through everyday nurturing touch.  All that science talk to just say, “It’s supposed to be this way.”

Here’s to getting back to the biological norm.

While we’re at it, I don’t believe we are promoting bad habits and I tend to also believe that “sleep associations” are a myth.

What we are creating are memories of sleep and how we fall asleep.  Would you rather have a memory of crying your head off before you’re forced out of pure exhaustion to simply pass out, or would you rather remember peacefully letting sleep overcome you while snuggling with your favorite person in the world, your home, your mother’s breast?


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